Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources
Here is our on growing list of resources to complete tasks and market and brand your business or yourself.
Module 1Audio Resources 
Audio resources that we have collected over the years.
Unit 1Music, Loops and Sound Effects
Unit 2Free Short Music Clips
Unit 3Full Length Free Songs
Module 2Image Resources 
Resources for finding Images and Video Clips and Assets
Unit 1Unlimited Images Subscription Site
Unit 2ISO Images
Unit 3Free To Use Images Unsplash
Unit 4Free To Use Images Stock Snap
Unit 5Free To Use Pictures Jumbo
Unit 6More Free Pictures from NS
Unit 7Some Free Range Photos
Unit 8Cartoon Images
Unit 9Free B Roll Clips
Module 3Tools 
These are tools to help you get shit done! Some free and some paid.
Unit 1Easy Time Lapse Video
Unit 2Make a free Instagram Promo Video
Unit 3My Secret to Quickly Finding Articles on Twitter
Unit 4Scheduling Tweets for Twitter
Unit 5Twitter Rotator for Reoccurring Tweets