Instagram How To's and Tips Strategy Guide
Here you will find free how to's for Instagram. We will be adding more videos as questions come in. Please ask questions!
Module 1Instagram
How To's and Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Instagram
Unit 1Joining Instagram
Unit 2Picking Your Profile Image for Instagram
Unit 3Instagram Image Size
Unit 4When to Post on Instagram
Unit 5Hashtags On Instagram
Unit 6Can a Service Based Business Be on Instagram
Unit 7Should I Follow Everyone Who Follows Me
Unit 8How Often Should I post to Instagram
Unit 9Should I Watermark My Instagram Images
Unit 10Upload to Instagram from Desktop Windows App
Unit 11Liking VS Commenting
Unit 12Limits for Likes and Comments
Unit 13Rules for Safely Unfollowing
Unit 14Should I Delete Comments Made By Competitors?
Unit 15What Are ShoutOuts and Share4Shares?
Unit 16What Are Instapods?
Unit 17Targeting Interaction with Hashtags
Unit 18How To Use Instaheads
Unit 19Produced Video Tips
Unit 20How To Upload Your Video From Desktop To Instagram
Unit 21Pro’s and Con’s of Instagram Stories
Unit 22How To Watch Instagram Stories on Desktop
Unit 23How to Report Copyright Infringement on Instagram
Unit 24Sharing Your Instagram On Pinterest
Unit 25Find Instagram Engagement Rate